Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training

Move your organization to greater equity and inclusion with customized employee trainings from WSU.

Businesses that actively work to promote a culture of equity and diversity can build stronger teams of talented employees and better relationships with customers—all of which makes a difference to your bottom line.  

But it can be tough to start these practices, and many employers wonder:

  • How will focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion help my organization perform better?
  • How can I talk about race at work?
  • Are we hiring candidates whose beliefs align with our mission?
  • Are we failing to identify qualified talent because of our own biases?
  • How do we create a more inclusive work culture? 
  • How do we set quantifiable DEI goals? Who should be responsible for ensuring these goals are met?

WSU has partnerships with DEI subject-matter experts, national thought leaders, and strategists to help you navigate these questions and provide insights to improve equity and inclusion in your organization.

Our team helps your organization:

  1. Assess your current DEI competencies and areas for growth
  2. Design and implement strategic plans with actionable and measurable goals
  3. Provide customized trainings
  4. Offer on-going consulting services

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training Programs

Choose the training program that’s right for your employees. We customize each session to help your organization reach your DEI goals.

Register Your Team for DEI Training

Take advantage of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training options to improve equity and inclusion in your organization.

To set up DEI training for your team, contact Julie Kiehne to learn more and discussion options.

Julie Kiehne
Julie Kiehne
Business Outreach Coordinator


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