Business Administration Faculty-Led Travel Programs

The Business Administration department offers faculty-led study-abroad programs to give students opportunities to: 

  • apply their skills
  • expand on new skills
  • experience their field in a global environment

Go Green in Scotland

The Going Green faculty-led travel program is a 5-week hybrid course with a travel-program designed for business students to study the impact of sustainability on business and culture in an international context.

During the 12-day study abroad program, students will visit businesses, museums and other culturally relevant locations and complete related assignments on-site.

Major topics and themes include:

  • zero waste businesses and “green” business practices
  • sustainable food production
  • tidal and wind energy production
  • recycling and upcycling
  • responsible consumerism
  • public transportation
  • environmental sustainability
  • waste management and water reduction.
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The Business of Healthcare in Paris

The Business of Healthcare is an interprofessional faculty-led study abroad program in Paris open to all College of Business, College of Nursing and Health Sciences, and any other students interested in learning about healthcare in a foreign country. 

This course brings together major aspects of healthcare and how each aspect interacts in an international context.

Through this class, students can view the comparison between French healthcare and US healthcare with a business, marketing, and advertising lens to better understand the complexities of healthcare globally.

Some of the major topics include: 

  • healthcare infrastructure including integrative health and public health
  • mental health
  • nutrition and exercise
  • service 
  • advertising
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Sports Management & Law in Portugal & Spain

Students who participate in the Sports Management and Law in Portugal and Spain faculty-led program will examine the legal, financial, moral, and policy issues and disputes that arise in the world of amateur and professional sports.

This course will cover some of the most current legal developments affecting athletics from the high school to Olympic level, both locally and internationally. Students will also meet multiple domestic and international sports clubs, contrasting both their talent and their management styles. 

This program is open to Business Administration majors, Business Law minors, and other students interested in sports and law. 

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Study Abroad Scholarship

To support students who want an international study abroad experience, the BUSA department offers a scholarship in the amount of 10% of the total cost of the program up to $500. 

This scholarship is automatically applied for all students who participate in a BUSA faculty-led program, and there is no application process for the BUSA scholarship. 

You can also apply for scholarships from The Center for Global Education and the WSU Foundation: 

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