Foundations of Education

Foundations of Education (EDFD) undergraduate courses focus on the psychological, pedagogical, historical, sociological, and philosophical groundwork of education. 

These courses make up the Professional Education Sequence (PDF). This course sequence provides experiences that help education majors from all education licensure programs on the Winona campus understand: 

  • the role and purpose of public education in a democratic society 
  • contemporary theories of human learning and development, and their implications for classroom instruction
  • the construction and interpretation of teacher-generated and standardized assessments
  • how to develop pedagogical practices that effectively meet the needs of diverse student populations

EDFD courses help students understand teachers, the lives of their students, and the aims of the schools where they interact. These courses emphasize reflective inquiry so that WSU students become critical consumers of educational research and teachers who are responsive to the needs of their students and our society.

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