Political Science Programs

A major in political science provides students with the tools necessary to engage as citizens in an increasingly global, interdependent, and diverse world. 

The program stresses critical and analytical thinking, problem-solving, and written and oral communication skills that are beneficial in any profession.

The WSU Political Science Department offers various major emphases, including public policy, public service, public law, international and political theory. 

We also offer a Political Science minor and an Ethnic Studies minor.  

Students interested in law school can focus on public law and legal studies courses in the American politics category, whereas students seeking careers in development work or foreign service might take courses in comparative politics and international relations. 

The public service emphasis of the American politics category is ideal for students interested in civic engagement and public policy.

Program Highlights

The Political Science Department offers many opportunities for students to learn both in and out of the classroom. We ensure that our students can network and connect with other students and professionals while furthering their own knowledge and passions. 

We also have small upper-level classes to encourage more personalized student learning. Our faculty are dedicated, experienced professionals that have student success as their top priority. 

Career Options
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