Internship Search Process

The following information may be helpful as you begin your internship search process. 


It's a learning experience.

View the internship search process as a learning experience that will provide insights into your future job searches. The Communication Studies department considers it the responsibility of prospective interns to locate their own internship sites, but Communication Studies internship supervisors will assist you with your search process. 


Utilize Career Services.

There is a free online service that Career Services offers students seeking all types of jobs including internships and full-time career opportunities. New jobs and internships are posted on-line daily so check often! Career Services also sponsors several Career and Job Fairs throughout the year. Employers attending those fairs are seeking students to fill their internship and permanent positions, so these are excellent opportunities to talk with employers about internships. Career advisors will help you with many aspects of your internship search including resume and cover letter critiques, interviewing help and will locate resources that have internships you may want to pursue. For more information visit Career Services or call 507.457.5340 to set up an appointment with a career advisor. 


Meet with your supervisor.

After compiling a list of possible sites that interest you, you may want to meet with your Communication Studies internship supervisor to discuss them. 


Send in your application.

Internship applications will usually proceed in one of two ways. If time permits, a cover letter and resume should be sent to the potential internship sites. This may then be followed up with a phone contact. If time is limited, direct telephoning may be your initial contact with the internship site. At all times during the search process it is important to project a professional image. Remember that you may have up to three different tasks to accomplish including convincing the site to accept an intern, convincing the site to accept a Communication intern and convincing the site to accept you as the intern. 


Keep in touch with your supervisor.

Always remember to keep in touch with your Communication Studies internship supervisor during the search process. Your supervisor may have information about potential internship sites and can provide coaching with cover letters, resumes, interviewing techniques, etc. 


Ensure your internship meets requirements.

Once you have a site that has agreed to take you on as an intern, make sure it meets the Communication Studies site qualifications including focus on communication, professional in nature, new learning experience and on-site supervisor availability. 


Discuss the objectives of the internship.

Discuss internship objectives and projects with the internship site supervisor. 

Any intern registering for an internship that is 30+ miles from campus is eligible for reduced fees. Appropriate forms are available for reduced charges from the WSU Registrar's Office.