WSU students enjoying study time together.

Business Education

Are you a high school student who virtually lives in the Business Education classroom in your district?  Or, are you a two- or four-year postsecondary Business major or graduate who has decided that "the business world" isn't the best fit for you after all?  Then, becoming a teacher of Business may just be your winning ticket!

A degree in Business Education can open many doors for you and the opportunity to: 

  • Teach varying levels including elementary, middle, high school, two-year college and corporate settings
  • Teach varying content areas including keyboarding, computers, web design, marketing, general business, entrepreneurship, international business, consumer finance, and more!
  • Advise a Business Club, coach, or work in other areas of Business

The Business Education (BUED) program at WSU is impressively unique in that it offers flexible learning options for students. The courses in the BUED program are offered online in order to accommodate the various, hectic schedules of our learners. We also provide face-to-face learning environments in methods courses so students have the chance to work with one another and the instructor in a valuable practice teaching setting. If you need more information, feel free to email one of the faculty members in the program; we would be happy to provide further information.

For the most detailed information about courses, please refer to the WSU Business Education Advising Sheet (PDF) and the WSU/MSU-Mankato Courses for Business Education Majors (PDF).