Planning & Construction 

Facilities Planning and Construction creates and maintains the architectural and physical environment that supports WSU’s excellent learning environment. 

Our team is responsible for all capital projects, facility and grounds adaptations and all non-maintenance construction at WSU. Planning and Construction works with the University and outside contractors, consultants and building officials to improve our 34 buildings and respond to the project needs of our campus community. 

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Project Requests

Each year, there are many requests for remodeling and other alterations which require outside contractors to be hired.

To initiate a remodeling project, complete the New Project Request Form. You’ll need to provide basic information for a proposed project, including scope of work, time frame, and funding source. 

This information will be used by the Facilities Planning and Construction Office to evaluate the project request and to prioritize, budget and schedule the work. 

We prioritize remodeling work to avoid conflicts with classroom schedules. Contracts must also be in place prior to the anticipated start date.

The Facilities Project database can be viewed by any campus user with a StarID and password.

A project request includes projects intended to physically modify an existing space.

These include alterations such as electrical outlets, painting, carpeting and office remodeling which are in response to unplanned or non-budgeted changes in that area.

Project requests usually require the assistance of an outside contractor to accomplish the work, and in most cases, result in a Facilities contract.

Work orders are for routine maintenance work that can be accomplished by the WSU Maintenance Staff such as:

  • moving of furniture
  • hanging of shelves
  • door and window issues
  • blind repair

A facilities contract is required whenever an outside vendor or contractor come onto campus property to perform any work, or when they take possession of any WSU property.

A completed New Project Request form and a signed proposal/quote are needed to encumber funds and initiate the project.

Once the funds have been encumbered by the Business Office, Facilities Planning and Construction will then prepare and send a contract to the vendor for their signature.

Once the contract is signed and returned, along with any additional contract paperwork, a Notice to Proceed is sent to the vendor by Facilities Planning and Construction.

No work can begin until the Notice to Proceed is issued.

At least 2-3 weeks should be allowed for a contract to be processed. Summer and semester breaks are extremely busy times for Facilities Planning and Construction.

All contracts are important and will be processed as soon as possible. Life safety, health and code related work deemed an emergency will be given priority when processed.

Advertised Bids

The Facilities Planning and Construction Office solicits bids for construction projects over $100,000 using Quest CDN. 

View and obtain plans and specifications for upcoming projects in Ebuilder or contact Tim Matthees directly.

Request for Bid

There are no requests for bids (RFB) at this time.

Request for Proposal

There are no requests for proposals (RFP) at this time.

Request for Quote

There are no requests for quotes (RFQ) at this time.

Contractor Forms & Resources

WSU is a state agency and is required to comply with Minnesota State regulations. Facilities contracts, insurance coverage and prevailing wage rates are all part of this State compliance. 

These requirements are outside of WSU’s control and thus WSU is not able to wave these or determine that they do not apply to certain situations, projects, or vendors. 

View design & construction resources for Minnesota State projects. 

Minnesota State Contract & Insurance Requirements

Each contractor or vendor that does business with Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system must provide evidence of adequate insurance as a condition of its contract. 

View the Minnesota State general insurance requirements (PDF) and an example of Certificate of Liability Insurance (PDF).

Prevailing Wage Requirements

Depending on the contract amount or work involved, prevailing wage requirements may apply. 

Minnesota State payroll collection procedures (PDF) must be followed whenever prevailing wages rates apply. 

Winona County Prevailing Wage Rates are required to be paid on all State funded construction contracts except for contracts or work under a contract where either:

  • The estimated total cost of completing the project is less than $2,500 and only one trade or occupation is required to complete it
  • The estimated total cost of completing the project is less than $25,000 and more than one trade or occupation is required to complete it

The project manager is responsible for enforcing prevailing wage requirements. Payroll reports will be sent directly to the project manager. 

All applicable prevailing wage forms (DOCX) must be correctly submitted before any project payment request can be processed.

No other payroll forms will be accepted to meet reporting requirements.  Paper or electronic media are acceptable but must include a signature and date for each pay period. 

The instructions outlined by Minnesota State provide information on submitting prevailing wage reports for contractors and subcontractors. 

Once completed, these reports are to be sent to Tara Smith at or at: 

Tara Smith
PO Box 5838
Winona, MN 55987

Tree Protection Plan

The WSU Tree Protection Plan (PDF) will be enforced during construction on campus. 

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