About the Speaker Series

Earth Talks Speaker Series is hosted each semester by the Geoscience Department.

The series serves as a forum through which experts from academia, government and the private sector, as well as WSU students and faculty, share their experiences and research results with the WSU Geoscience community.

The series also provides a venue for discussions of professional, educational, and employment issues related to Geology, Natural Resources, Earth Science teaching, and other related disciplines.

Spring 2019 Events

 Jan. 14
Geoscience Teaching Assistant Orientation
Geoscience Faculty and Staff - Winona State University
 4pm - SLC 120
 Jan. 21
No Event - MLK Day
 Jan. 28
Prevent. Act. Challenge. Teach. (PACT) Training - An Opportunity to prevent gender-based violence (GBV) at WSU
WSU RE Initiative
 4pm - SLC 120
 Feb. 4
TBA  4pm - SLC 120
 Feb. 11
Assembling Minnesota: Integration of 140 Years of Government, Academic, and Industry Geologic Studies into a Seamless Statewide GIS Database
Dean Peterson - Natural Resources Research Institute, University of Minnesota Duluth
 4pm - SLC 120
 Feb. 18
How your Burger is Warming the Planet
Michelle Courtright (event co-sponsored by the WSU Sustainability Office and WSU Student Green Fee)
 4pm - SLC 120
 Feb. 25
Fluid flow and deformation in the Wildhorse fault zone, Pioneer Mountains, Idaho
Rory McFadden - Gustavus Adolphus College
 4pm - SLC 120
 March 4
 4pm - SLC 120
 March 11
No Event - Spring Break
 March 18
TBA  4pm - SLC 120
 March 25
Alumni Spotlight
Jess Strom and Ken Oanes
 4pm - SLC 120
 April 1
Geology outside of the outcrop: what can you do with your degree?
Doug Portis - Pioneer Natural Resources
 4pm - SLC 120
 April 8
 4pm - SLC 120
 April 15
A geochemical glimpse into hydrothermal systems
Jaime Barnes - University of Texas, Austin; GeoPRISMS Distinguished Lecturer
 4pm - SLC 120
 April 22
Measuring tectonic deformation with new methods using lidar and optical imagery data: Examples from the San Andreas fault system
Stephen Delong - U.S. Geological Survey
 4pm - SLC 120
April 29
Geoscience Student Research Presentations
Geoscience Majors - Winona State University
Student Presenters to be announced at a later date
 4pm - SLC 120