About the Speaker Series

Earth Talks Speaker Series is hosted each semester by the Geoscience Department.

The series serves as a forum through which experts from academia, government and the private sector, as well as WSU students and faculty, share their experiences and research results with the WSU Geoscience community.

The series also provides a venue for discussions of professional, educational, and employment issues related to Geology, Natural Resources, Earth Science teaching, and other related disciplines.

Spring 2020 Events

Jan. 13
Geoscience Teaching Assistant Orientation
Geoscience Faculty and Staff - Winona State University
4pm - SLC 120
Jan. 20
No Event - Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Jan. 27
Just tell me what I have to know to pass the test!! Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment
Jennifer Anderson - WSU Geoscience Department
4pm - SLC 120
Feb. 3
The Geography minor for Geoscience and other science majors
Michael Scholz - WSU Geography Department
4pm - SLC 120
Feb. 10
No Event

Feb. 17
The Path to Geology Licensure
Keith Rapp - Pinnacle Engineering, Inc. and the Professional Geologist representative of the Minnesota Board of Architecture, Engineering, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Geoscience and Interior Design (AELSLAGID)
4pm - SLC 120
Feb. 24
Nitrate transport through the surface water - groundwater system in southeastern Minnesota
Anthony Runkel - Chief Geologist, Minnesota Geographical Survey
4pm - SLC 120
March 2
Dyeing in the Driftless: What have decades of groundwater tracing told us about the Paleozoic aquifers of southeast Minnesota
Jeff Green - Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
4pm - SLC 120
March 9
No Event - Spring Break
March 16

March 23
Alumni Spotlight (tentative)
Amber Schmidt - WHKS & Co.
Kiel Jenkin - GHD Group
4pm - SLC 120
March 30
Iron geochemistry of lakes and the genesis of Precambrian iron formations
Chad Wittkop - Minnesota State University, Mankato
4pm - SLC 120
April 6
April 13
Snow drought in a warming climate
Jennifer (Dierauer) Brand - University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point
4pm - SLC 120
April 20
April 27
Geoscience Student Research Presentations
Geoscience Majors - Winona State University
Student Presenters to be announced at a later date
4pm - SLC 120