Winona State University student.

Student Grants

All students must comply with  WSU COVID-19 guidelines  as well as Minnesota State Colleges and Universities COVID-19 guidelines for working on campus during the project period.

Please also review COVID Travel Guidance if your project requires in-state or out-of-state travel.

WSU encourages student creative projects and presentations of research at local, regional, and national conferences. To support this, WSU provides financial assistance through student grants.

Students may be eligible to apply for up to three different university-funded research or creative mentoring grants throughout their undergraduate career, including grants for:

  • Early-Year Research and Creative Mentoring
  • Undergraduate Research & Creative Projects
  • Undergraduate Research & Creative Presentations Travel Support

Early-Year Research & Creative Mentoring

(For students with 50 credits or fewer at the time of application)

The Early-Year Research and Creative Mentoring encourages and supports active, faculty-mentored undergraduate student research and creative projects among early career students, particularly for first-generation and underrepresented college students.

Early research experiences increase retention, develop academic skills, and increase student engagement in future research and other professional opportunities.

Undergraduate Research & Creative Projects

(For students with 60 credits or more at the time of application)

Full-time undergraduate students who have completed a minimum of 60 semester hour credits are invited to apply for a Research and Creative Project grant and/or a Travel/Virtual Presentation grant.

These Undergraduate Research and Creative Projects often coincide with student capstone or culminating projects for major programs, but they may also serve as research or creative project supports for non-major subjects.

Highlights about Student Grants

Research is multidisciplinary and can be done by everyone.

From 2015-2021, the Grants and Sponsored Projects Department has awarded $184,593 to students. $74,678 has been dedicated to travel and $109,915 has been dedicated to research.

Over these six years, grants have funded 321 projects in 13 departments for:

  • analyzing software
  • discovering new teaching techniques
  • new music compositions
  • psychological studies
  • understanding Ebola
  • and more!

On average, there are 54 projects accomplished per year. Nearly $31,500 is granted to student researchers per year, with an amount per project of $583.

Through Grants and Sponsored Projects, students can make great scientific discoveries, psychological analyses, and explore other diverse opportunities.

Many more achievements can be made—what will you achieve?