Labs & Equipment

The Mass Communication Department has a series of unique learning areas and production facilities. These include high-tech labs for teaching, small-group work and mass media production, as well as comfortable locations for relaxing, reading and chatting.

The Mass Comm Reading Room houses 1,400 media-related books, plus meeting space and comfortable chairs. It’s a great place for small group work. 

KQAL, located on the first floor of Phelps Hall, is the campus radio station, where students can learn through real on-air experience in a variety of musical genres, news, production, promotions and sports. 

Phelps 101 is a high-tech classroom specially designed for media collaboration and exploration among students and faculty. Students share ideas, mockups, websites and document files with individuals, groups, their team or the entire classroom with simple drag-and-drop from their personal laptops. Group members can share control of laptops to simplify demonstrations and troubleshooting. Students can share ideas around the tables or on the instructor’s workstation without leaving their chairs. 

The Multimedia Studio is set up as a multi-discipline room for video, digital photography and production. The two-story facility includes a window from which bystanders can view the goings-on. 

The Interactive Media lab is the maker space for courses in Creative Digital Media. The lab is the primary space for students to experiment with interactive installation, projection-based projects, haptic media and other forms of digital communication. Creative Digital Media faculty and students like to refer to the space as our “mad scientist” lab. 

The Photography Lab and Darkroom provides Beseler enlargers (for black and white and color) for use by students in our photography and digital imaging courses. Advanced photo classes are able to process film, print photographs and mount them. Archival-quality printing equipment is available. 

The Photo Studio is a full photographic studio equipped with an array of photographic lighting, light control accessories and rigging. Photo students have full access to the studio for individual projects.