Political Science Degree Programs

Political science deals with the theory and practice of politics, government and administration. The essence of political science is to discover how, when and why people and governments shape public decisions. As an academic discipline, it includes:
  • Public Law
  • Public Policy
  • Political Theory
  • Public Administration
  • International Relations
  • Foreign Policy
  • Comparative Governments of Modern and Developing Nations


When you decide to major in Political Science, you have the choice between the general option or the international option.
Major Political Science Option B enables students to get a B.A. degree in political science by specializing in international relations. A degree in political science with an emphasis on international relations may be combined with either a minor or a major in international business, economics or foreign languages to broaden the scope of opportunities after graduation. Most of the requirements for this major can be met by taking electives, although a core of five courses is required.


A  Political Science minor is also offered which can be studied to supplement another major:

Public Administration

 The Bachelor of Science major and minor in Public Administration are designed to prepare students for an administrative career in public and nonprofit agencies. The core curriculum of this program provides students with the competency areas recommended by the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration.

Public Administration Major

  • BS Major Public Administration (PUBA)

 Public Administration Minor

  • BS Minor Public Administration (PUBA)