Political Science Student Success


Christina Melecio

Political Science/Public Administration Major
Student Senate President

My decision to be a Political Science and Public Administration major was probably the biggest contributing factor to my success at Winona State University. Through the professors in the department I made connections, and gained opportunities I would not have otherwise achieved. I am forever grateful to have a wonderful support system through my department.

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Andrea Huggenvik

Executive Director - YMCA
Wausau, WI

I am a 2007 graduate of Winona State with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and political science. I currently serve as the Executive Director at YWCA Wausau. YWCA is on a mission to eliminate racism and empower women. In my role I am regularly wading through complex policy issues and writing briefs and calls to action for our members and the public. I'm glad I learned how to how to boil complex issues into twenty-five lines or less in Dr. Lee's classes! The range of classes I was able to take gave me a great foundation in knowledge and skills from Feminist Political Theory and Race in American Politics to judging the quality of sources and cutting through spin.

Oh, and thank you WSU for making me take an Oral Intensive! I do a lot of public speaking these days from welcome addresses, to presentations, to TV interviews, and I'm so thankful I was able to develop public speaking skills within my major.


Josh Malchow

Slayton, MN

I can't say enough positive things about the Political Science/Public Administration education I received at WSU. I went on to attend grad school immediately after graduation from WSU and then was hired for my current position in Slayton shortly after graduating with my Masters from Minnesota State University, Mankato. The education I received at WSU was extraordinary in helping me prepare for grad school and I still use the concepts and knowledge I gained at WSU in my career today. If I were to single one trait out of the political science department that has benefited me the most, it is the dedication that all of the professors in that department have to the success of their students, no matter what paths they may be exploring for the future. Thank you for all that you do!



Jeffrey Fletcher

Student Services Specialist
Ames, IA

Majoring in Political Science at Winona State University assisted me in developing the critical-thinking and problem-solving skills I would need to succeed in my professional career and graduate education at Iowa State University. Because of my political science education, I succeeded in obtaining my Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree in 2012, and landed my current job two-years ago as a program coordinator within academic affairs at Iowa State University, while continuing my education part-time as a student in the PhD in Higher Education Administration program. I highly recommend the Political Science program at Winona State University, the faculty and curriculum were terrific.


Laura Lake

Management Analyst
Village of Glenview, IL

My Political Science Education at WSU taught me how to write a concise paper with a well-rounded argument. This has affected my career in a positive way as I am constantly writing memos to my Village Manager and Board and need to explain my self in less than two pages.