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Warriors L.E.A.D. Series

The Warriors L.E.A.D. Series is a leadership development series designed to:

  • Assist students in learning
  • Shape their leadership skills and knowledge

Based on the Social Change Model for Leadership Development , this program will give students the chance to focus on becoming individual, group and community leaders.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Warriors L.E.A.D. Series is to provide opportunities for WSU students to develop individual, group, and community leadership skills that will aid them in becoming effective leaders who will improve our world.

Goals and Functions

  • To help students learn who they are as individuals and utilize this information in leading others.
  • To encourage students to learn about their unique strengths and attributes relating to leadership and provide them with a means to demonstrate their abilities.
  • To assist students in developing effective leadership skills that can be used in their roles as official club/organization leaders on campus.
  • To develop good leaders who will emerge in the classroom creating a more efficient and better learning environment.
  • To prepare students for leadership roles after graduating from WSU.
Warriors L.E.A.D. Series Graphic