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Warriors L.E.A.D. Series

The Warriors L.E.A.D. Series is a co-curricular Leadership Development Series designed to:

  • Assist Students in their Leadership Journey by providing a hands on Leadership experience
  • Allow student the time and space to discuss, learn and grow in their Leadership Skills
  • Provide students with tangible skills and tools to be great leaders

Through the use of the text Emotionally Intelligent Leadership student can embark on a 3 part leadership experience to become more aware and able leaders.

Mission Statement

The mission of Warriors LEAD is to provide students an opportunity to develop as leaders by developing useful skills and tactics. Through the series students will be able to define personal leadership styles and decide how those styles can have an impact on group dynamics, the WSU community and as global citizens committed to improving the world.

Goals and Functions

  • To help students learn who they are as individuals and develop good leadership habits.
  • To encourage students to learn about their unique strengths and attributes relating to leadership and provide them with skills and tools to showcase their abilities.
  • To assist students in developing effective leadership skills that can be used in their roles as official club/organization leaders on campus.
  • To prepare students for leadership roles after graduating from WSU.
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