Student walking in front of a blue emergency phone on campus

Crime Prevention Programs and Services

As a member of the Winona State University community, you play a vital role in promoting safety and protecting property and lives by acting responsibly. Personal safety is best accomplished as a team effort undertaken by university officials, the community and you. Everyone has a role in crime prevention - avoid potentially unsafe situations whenever possible and report crime promptly. 

Prevention is the best aid to your own personal safety. For example, walk in well-lit areas or use academic buildings during high traffic times. We encourage you to become aware of potential safety hazards at all times. 

Reporting suspicious incidents can help keep the campus safer. Even if you are not sure what you see is really a crime, call Campus Security (507.457.5555) or the Winona Police Department (507.457.6302) and let them decide. You may also want to report suspicious incidents to your Hall Director, Resident Assistant, or other university official. Please join us in working toward an even safer campus.

Crime Prevention Advice

The following links provide strategies for preventing crime and creating a safe campus environment.

Bicycle Theft
Book Theft 
Campus Watch
Computer Theft
Crime Stoppers 
Domestic/Sexual Assault Advocates
Escort Service
Employee Safety After Hours
Motor Vehicle Theft
Sexual Assault Awareness and Self Defense
Surveillance Cameras
Threatening/Obscene Phone Calls