Tax Guidelines for International Students

Filing tax forms is a yearly event in the U.S. Taxes and immigration status forms are based on the Jan. 1 – Dec. 31 calendar year. 

Tax forms are due to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by mid-April of the following year. The IRS will announce the exact due date for each calendar year.

All international students and scholars in F and J visa status who were in the U.S. for any period of time during any calendar year must file a federal tax statement Form 8843. Some international students and scholars will need to file a state tax return(s). 

If you did not have any U.S. source income, you may only file Form 8843. If you have U.S. source income, you will file Form 8843 and others based on your resident or non-resident filing status. Failing to file your taxes can violate your visa status. 

For those who earned money while working in the U.S., filing a tax form could mean a refund if you overpaid taxes based on withholding from your paycheck.

How to File U.S. Tax Forms

International Services offers tax workshops in spring semester to help students understand the process. 

Find more details about these workshops on the ISSS Facebook page

Step 1: Determine Your Filing Status

Based on your visa status/type and how long you have been in the U.S., the IRS has guidelines which will determine your tax filing status.

Most international students on F-1 and J-1 visas at WSU are considered non-resident for tax purposes.

Your filing status is for tax purposes only. Being a resident for tax purposes does not mean that you are eligible for any Minnesota state system tuition rates, etc.

Step 2: Determine the right resources for reporting your U.S. federal tax requirements 

Step 3: Determine if you need to report your tax information to the State of Minnesota

As noted on the Minnesota Department of Revenue website: “Use the same filing status to file your Minnesota return that you used to file your federal return. Put an X in the oval box for your filing status.” 

Are You a Renter in Minnesota

You may receive a M1-PR form from your landlord if you are renting an apartment, house, or townhome.

Search for the current M1PR form at MN State Revenue Forms and Instructions.

Search for Renter’s Property Tax Refund at MN State Revenue Forms and Instructions.

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