Warrior Cupboard

The Warrior Cupboard is a supplemental on-campus food shelf available to any WSU student.

This free resource ensures that students have access to groceries and basic nutrition when they need it.

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Food insecurity—when you don’t have access to enough quality food to meet basic needs—can lead to lower grades, poor physical health, and poor mental health.

If you’re struggling to get enough to eat or if you’re choosing to skip meals to afford textbooks or other college expenses, consider reaching out to get access to this space. 

Located in the Integrated Wellness Complex (IWC) 130, the Warrior Cupboard is private, free, and easy to use.

You can also learn more about housing, mental health, legal resources, financial assistance, and other basic needs resources in Winona

Request Access to the Warrior Cupboard

To request access, complete the Warrior Cupboard Access Request Form.

Once we grant you access, you can use your student ID card to access the Warrior Cupboard during regular IWC hours.

Find Support Services on Campus
Health & Wellness Services
Taking care of your body is an important part of wellness, but it can be challenging if you’re experiencing food insecurity.

WSU Health & Wellness Services offers healthcare services on campus for a low cost to students.

Call 507.457.5160 to schedule an appointment with a physician, registered nurse, or other health practitioner.

A student talks to a healthcare provider in the Health Services office on WSU campus.
Counseling Services

Emotional and mental health care are essential when dealing with stress and challenges related to food insecurity. 

The Counseling Services team is ready to help.

All Counseling Services providers can provide a referral to the Warrior Cupboard.

Call 507.457.5330 to make an appointment with a mental health professional.

A female student walks upstairs toward the Counseling Services Office on WSU campus.

The Warrior Cupboard is funded by the Student Fee allocation and individual donations.We need your help to continue providing this food shelf to students.

Contact the Warrior Cupboard
Warrior Cupboard
Integrated Wellness Complex 130
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Dr. Aurea Osgood
Library 110


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