FAQs about Student Laptops

The eWarrior Digital Life and Learning program equips students with a fully configured and supported laptop.

Learn how students get their mobile devices, what to consider when choosing between a Mac or PC, when students receive new models and other helpful information about student mobile devices.

New and Transfer Students

New students and transfer students will receive information about the eWarrior: Digital Life and Learning Program and how to get a laptop when they attend group registration. New students who do not register during group registration should contact the Technical Support Center for laptop information.

Rochester Campus Students

Rochester students should check with their academic advisor to determine if they will be automatically enrolled in the eWarrior Digital Life and Learning program. Those who are enrolled in eWarrior will receive information during group registration. Any WSU Rochester Campus student can voluntarily participate in the program with the same fees as other participants. Those students in Rochester who would like to voluntarily participate in the laptop program should contact technicians in room GL118 or call 507.457.5240.

Part-Time and Graduate Students

Part-time (less than 12 credits) and graduate students can participate in the eWarrior Digital Life and Learning program. Those students who want to voluntarily participate should contact the Technical Support Center to schedule a pick up time.

The Campus Devices page lists features of current WSU models and provides departmental laptop recommendations by major. 

Laptop are exchanged for newer models when they are approximately two years old, usually during the first week of fall semester. Students will be contacted by email when it is time to exchange their devices for a newer model. 

Students can switch from a PC to a Mac or a Mac to a PC during the normal two-year exchange without a fee. Switching models before the exchange period is possible if the laptop is in stock:

  • Priority switches are given to students when the desired platform is required by their major.
  • Platform switches outside the normal two-year rotation must be requested within the first two weeks of each semester.
  • No platform switches will be allowed during the senior laptop sale.
  • There is a $50 platform switch fee.
  • Contact the Technical Support Center to request a switch outside of the normal 2-year exchange. 

When a student graduates, they are eligible to purchase their laptop. Information is sent to students who have been accepted for graduation explaining the dates, times and terms of the sale.

Sale terms are negotiated each year and sale information is also available online at Mobile Device Sale for WSU Grads

Report the incident to the Tech Support as soon as possible. The eWarrior Digital Life and Learning agreement explains responsibilities and fees.

Laptops can be rented for short term use, one week maximum. See the Laptop Rental Policy for details.