Workshops & Events

Throughout the year, TRIO offers workshops and events to help students improve their academic and life skills. As a TRIO student, you are welcome to attend any and all events. All events are free!

If you attend three career-related TRIO events in the fall semester, you will get a padfolio. This is great to bring with you during interviews.

Family Ties Program

Aug. 2-18, 2021

TRIO and the Office of Equity & Inclusive Excellence are offering the program Family Ties to welcome new and transfer students to WSU.

There are virtual online meetings as well as in-person events to help make the transition to college less stressful and more enjoyable.

Learn more about the Family Ties program and sign up today!

Upcoming Events

See below for our upcoming events for the 2020-21 school year!
Changes may occur. Students will be notified of specific dates and details via email. 

Strengths Coaching
Discover your strengths and how they match your major (or help you find a major) through Clifton Strengths!  

What is Career Services?
Learn more about Career Services and how they can help you prepare for your future career.

Entrepreneurs Field Trip
A virtual field trip to locally owned businesses to learn more about entrepreneurship!

McNair Graduate School Retreat
This is a fun virtual conference to learn more about attending, applying, and financing graduate school. This is great for students of all levels!  

Banking Field Trip
A virtual field trip to a local bank. Students will learn about various positions at banks and internships.

Business and Technology Field Trip
A virtual field trip to a couple local businesses where students will learn about working in business and technology.

Know Your Strengths
Learn your personal strengths to build confidence and find a fitting career!

Graduate School 101
Learn the basics about graduate school!

Public Service Field Trip
A field trip to the offices of the City of Winona where we will talk to a City Planner, the Mayor, a City Council person, and Park and Recreation. This is great for RTTR, Business, and Public Administration majors. 

Social Media & Professional Online Networking
Learn about LinkedIn and how you can best position your online presence to get a job!

Meditation 101
Learn how to stress less with meditation!

Alternative Spring Break
(Tentative) Attend a multi-day trip out of town to learn about other cultures and careers!  See below for information on the 2020 Alternative Spring Break.

Resume Workshop
Learn about how to building your resume with Career Services.

Healthcare Field Trip
A field trip to Gundersen Health System! We will learn about jobs in a hospital you may not have previously heard of! We will talk to such roles as Genetics Counselor and Administration.

First Year to Second Year Transitions Retreat
Students will build confidence through learning their strengths, leadership skills, how to navigate their Degree Audit Report, and build friendships with other TRIO students.

Spring 2020

TRIO Adult Leadership Symposium
TRIO students traveled to Duluth for a leadership conference.  

Spring Break
Careers & Culture Exploration
TRIO students attended an alternative spring break to Minneapolis and St. Paul.  Students got a behind the scenes tour of Marriott Hotels from a WSU Alumnae!  Staff discussed domestic and international internships with the hotel.  Students also visited Hmong American Partnership to learn about internships and helping immigrant and refugee populations in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.  Students visited the Minnesota Science Museum, explored the state capital, toured Hmong Village, and ate meals from around the world!  

Graduate School 101 Workshop
Students learned more about how to apply, find a school, and fund their graduate school education. TRIO students may apply for assistance in reducing the cost of the GRE and receive free GRE test preparation. Students may talk to their advisor at any time about graduate school.