The TRIO program helps eligible students reach their goal of graduation and gain a lifetime of confidence.

Meet with a TRIO Advisor

The TRIO program is a community of support for first-generation students, students who come from income-eligible families, and students with documented disabilities.

TRIO Student Support Services (TRIO-SSS) and TRIO Student Ability Services (TRIO-SAS) advisors meet with you one-on-one to encourage you and advise about course selection, career exploration, and much more. 

Learn more about the services you can get through TRIO. 

TRIO is funded by a federal grant and connected to the Educational Opportunity Association (EOA). The EOA hosts educational opportunities and provides scholarships to Midwest students.  


Other Support Resources

If you’re not eligible or were not accepted into the TRIO program, there are many other campus resources you can use.

The Warrior Success Center is a great place to start. This team offers advising, career services, access services, and tutoring to all WSU students. 

Contact the Warrior Success Center at or stop by Maxwell 314 to find out how they can help.

TRIO Services

Here’s the free services TRIO provides to help make your success at WSU possible.

You’ve made it to WSU, but perhaps you’re unsure of your next steps. Or maybe you need some help figuring out what you’ll do once you graduate.

TRIO can help you answer these questions and more through:

  • Academic advising
  • Help navigating college life
  • Exploring major and minor options
  • Mapping a graduation plan
  • Preparing for graduate and professional programs
  • Writing resumes and cover letters
  • Skill development and career exploration
  • Mental wellness resources and programs

Want to get better grades and better understand course material? Tutoring Services can make a difference in helping you learn course content and different study strategies.

TRIO Tutoring means that you’ll meet one-on-one with an advisor to figure out the resources that best help you, such as:

  • Individual tutoring
  • Study skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Time management coaching
  • Test anxiety strategies

See your TRIO advisor  to sign up for individualized tutoring.

If a tutor for one of your classes doesn’t exist, talk to your TRIO advisor and they can help you find a tutor who fits your needs.

It’s important to learn how to manage your money and make wise financial decisions.

TRIO can help you understand financial decisions you’ll make in college including:

  • Using the financial aid system and completing the FAFSA
  • Budgeting and money management skills
  • Learning how to spend wisely and build savings
  • Applying for scholarships

TRIO offers a monthly financial wellness newsletter and financial workshops throughout the year.

Another great resource to build your money skills is WhichWay, an online money management toolkit geared toward college students.

It’s not unusual for college students to change their major or be undecided. Your TRIO advisor can be a great resource if you’re feeling unsure or thinking about a different major.

Exploring options can be a healthy way to be sure you’re earning the degree that’s best for you.

Your TRIO advisor provides help with:

  • Understanding options for majors at WSU (and beyond)
  • Learning how to explore options and research the right information for you
  • Choosing “exploratory” classes to help with major selection

Getting to graduation is the goal, but it’s also important to plan for what comes next.

It’s good to talk about options for after graduation with your TRIO advisor, so you can start planning early.

Want to start a career right away? Thinking about a graduate degree?

Know your options with post-graduation advising on topics such as:

  • Resume writing help and getting acquainted with Handshake and other job search tools
  • Understanding graduate school options and help researching schools
  • Help with graduate school application process
  • Preparing for graduate school entrance exams (such as the GRE, LSAT and GMAT)

Get Involved with TRIO

TRIO offers workshops and events to help students improve their academic and life skills. As a TRIO student, you can attend any and all events, which are free!

Workshop topics cover how to improve your personal, academic, and career success. Past programming topics include:

  • Academic workshops on notetaking, test taking, and study skills
  • Student leadership events
  • Money management
  • TRIO educational trips
  • Student retreats 
  • Cultural enrichment opportunities 
  • Personal wellness events

You can also find academic workshops and skill topics in the TRIO Toolbox on D2L.

TRIO also provides opportunities for cultural enrichment experiences that expose students to programs they may not otherwise participate in—often in partnership with other WSU departments.

Student Leaders Club
The TRIO Student Leaders Club is a way for you to develop leadership skills, meet other TRIO students, and prepare for your future.

The TRIO Leaders Club sponsors social events and activities throughout the year where student leaders come together for food, fun, and skills building. 

Students have a lively discussion in a classroom on WSU campus.

The TRIO Student Leaders Club meetings cover leadership topics like:

  • Leadership skills development
  • Effective communication skills
  • Resume building
  • Social connections
  • Volunteering opportunities

Find the latest meeting times on TRIO Facebook and Instagram pages or talk to your TRIO advisor.

Summer Connections Program
Get familiar with Winona State’s campus and the Winona community before your first semester, and experience life in a residence hall with roommates before move-in day.

TRIO eligible students are invited to join our 4-day Summer Connections program on July 10-13.

This program is jam-packed with campus activities, academic sessions, community events, cultural experiences, and guest speakers.

Two female students pose together and smile during an event on WSU campus.

Through a series of on-campus workshops and fun activities within the Winona area, Summer Connections helps our students:

  • get connected with TRIO and WSU
  • learn insider tips and tricks for college success
  • make new friends
  • build self-confidence

To learn more about this opportunity, contact TRIO at or 507.457.5465.

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Meet Our Team

The TRIO team of staff and student workers are here to help you succeed and feel like you belong at WSU.

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Academic Advisor & Retention Specialist

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Counselor & Academic Advisor

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Academic Advisor & Workshop Coordinator


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Director of TRIO

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