Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that new TRIO members often have.

Please email if there's anything else you'd like to know about the TRIO program.

You are eligible to join if you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident status with academic need and at least one the following conditions:

  • You are a first-generation student, meaning that neither parent or guardian has completed a four year degree
  • You meet federal low-income guidelines, which is determined by family’s taxable income reported on your FAFSA
  • You have a documented learning, physical or psychological disability registered with WSU Access Services

Please contact us at 507.457.5465 if you have any questions.

You are still able to find support through many other WSU departments including Tutoring Services, Access Services, Advising Services, Writing Center, Counseling Services, Career Services and the Warrior Hub.

Please visit Student Resources for a helpful list of offices and links.

TRIO Student Support Services offers a unique support system for students. The office is a community of advisors and students where you can find extra help with:

  • Advising
  • Academic support
  • Extra tutoring
  • Financial literacy and money management
  • Choosing majors, minors and careers

Complete an Intake Application Form (PDF) and an Individual Success Plan Form (PDF) to apply the TRIO program.

If you are eligible, you will be contacted to set up a meeting with a TRIO advisor.

Stop by our office in Library 219 or call us at 507.457.5465 if you have any questions.

Your TRIO advisor can help you with so many questions. Conversations range from:

  • “How do I drop a class?”
  • “Where do I go to pay my tuition?”
  • “How do I complete a FAFSA?”
  • “I am having a problem with my friends and professors. What should I do?”

TRIO advisors are here to help you in your goal towards graduation!

Making an appointment is very easy!

You can now book online at the following link

Tutoring is a free way for students to get extra help, and it's best visit Tutoring Services right away if you start feeling lost in a class.

You can set up an appointment with a tutor online. As a TRIO member, you have access to extra tutoring sessions in a wide variety of subjects—all led by experienced peer tutors.

This past spring semester, over 60 participants in the TRIO program took advantage of over 350 hours of tutoring.

The TRIO Office is in Library 219 on the second floor. Enter through the Tutoring Services office.

During the academic year, TRIO is open Monday – Friday from 8am – 4:30pm. In the summer, office hours shift to 7:30am – 4pm.

Yes, there is plenty of space to take a break between classes or to study. Our office has a large conference table, individual work stations and comfy chairs.

You're welcome to enjoy some free coffee, tea and snacks while you're here as well.

You may meet with your advisor as often as you need to. Your advisor will work with you to create a meeting plan for the semester.

Students must participate in CashCourse activities. You must also attend at least one TRIO sponsored event per semester.

TRIO students are strongly encouraged to participate more often in TRIO workshops, leadership activities and WSU cross-cultural events. Doing so will be an enriching experience and add to your resume!

Yes! There are a variety of workshops and events provided by the TRIO Office and the TRIO Student Leaders. Students are required to attend at least one event sponsored by TRIO.

See the full schedule of events and workshops.