TRIO Services

Here's a list of the free services within the TRIO program to help make your success at WSU possible.

Academic Advising

You've made it to WSU, but perhaps you're unsure of your next steps now you're on campus. Or maybe you need some help figuring out what you'll do once you graduate.

TRIO can help you answer these questions and more through:

  • Academic advising
  • Help navigating college life
  • Exploring major and minor options
  • Mapping a graduation plan
  • Preparing for graduate and professional programs
  • Help writing resumes and cover letters
  • Skill development and career exploration

Financial Wellness

Managing money well is an important skill to build in college, but it can be a confusing process.

TRIO can help you understand financial decisions you'll make in college including:

  • Using the financial aid system
  • Building budget and money management skills
  • Applying for scholarships


Struggling in class? Tutoring can make a difference in how well you understand concepts from class.

This is especially true if you ask for help early in the semester.

TRIO offers:

  • Extra tutoring (including one-on-one tutoring sessions)
  • Study skills coaching
  • Time management training

Due to COVID-19, all tutoring sessions will be online--including those offered by the WSU Writing Center.

Learn more about how tutoring services have changed for Spring 2020.

Social Connections

With TRIO, you'll find a supportive community environment of people who share your goals and understand your struggles as a student.

Enjoy cultural and social opportunities with new friends and the TRIO Leadership Club.

Our Team is Here for You

The professional staff in TRIO are ready to meet you and connect you to available services.

TRIO advisors are skilled in the areas of academic advising, university systems and student leadership.

The TRIO team also includes:

  • Developmental Reading and Writing Specialist 
  • Student workers to help in setting up advising appointments 
  • Skilled tutors to help with your classes
  • Program Support Specialist
  • Program Director