Student Teaching

Student teaching is the last step before graduation to prepare you for a teaching career.  

View the Teacher Education Handbook (PDF) for details the expectations, policies and procedures students should understand and follow during their student teaching experiences.

If you are planning to student teach within the next year, be sure to review the student teaching application process and explore options for placements—including options for placement abroad.

Eligibility Requirements

You must meet the following criteria to be eligible for student teaching:

  • Admittance to teacher/professional education unit
  • Completion of all coursework required for the teaching degree prior to student teaching
  • WSU GPA of 2.75 or higher
  • Minimum grade requirements for all Professional Education Sequence courses
  • Minimum grade requirements for courses as required by each Teacher Education program
  • Completion of formal application materials one year in advance of the student teaching semester
  • Documentation of professional liability insurance (EMAE membership is an option)
  • Student teaching background check through Castle Branch

Meet with your Academic Advisor for a personalized list of program requirements for your situation. If your eligibility changes, notify the Center for Student Success

Apply for Student Teaching

Student teaching applications are due two semesters prior to student teaching.

Student Teaching Placements

Student teaching placements are designed to give you the classroom experiences you need to complement your degree program and be successful as a licensed teacher.

Degree ProgramStandard PlacementAdditional Placements
Elementary Major (Winona)one 16-week placement
Elementary/Early Childhoodone 16 week placement in a K-3 classroomYou may do 12 weeks in elementary and 4 weeks in preschool.
Elementary Major with Middle-Level Minor

2 total placements:

  • 12-week placement in elementary
  • 4-week placement in 7th/8th grade
K-12 MajorsDepending on program requirements and field experiences completed, you may do two 8-week placements (elementary and secondary).You may do one 16-week placement.
5-12 Majors / 9-12 Majorsone 16-week placement
5-12 Majors / 9-12 Majors with Middle-Level Minor

2 total placements:

  • 12 weeks in high school
  • 4 weeks in 5th/6th grade
Special Education Majorone 16-week placement
Double Majors

2 total placements:

  • 12-16 weeks placement related to one major
  • 6-10 weeks placement related to second major
Total placement may vary depending on department requirements.

Partner Schools

We’re open to working with any district you’re interested in for student teaching, so let us know the city or area where you’d like to be placed.

Student Teaching Abroad

Through Educators Abroad, you can complete your student teaching in any of 73 countries across all continents and US school districts that are not contracted with WSU.

However, SPED majors are not eligible for this program.

Placements are 10-18 weeks in a school setting where you’ll learn to:

  • Increase your own cultural awareness and expand perspectives
  • Adapt to cultural teaching and learning processes
  • Work within different educational policies and systems

Student teaching abroad demonstrates your readiness to teach in a global setting and can help you be shortlisted for employment aboard at government and international schools worldwide.

Email the Center for Student Success at for more information.

EdTPA Guides & Consent Forms

These forms will help you prepare the required documentation for edTPA. You’ll likely complete these forms multiple times during your student teaching semester, so save a blank copy to your laptop for easy re-use.