John Campbell

Professor Campbell received his BA from Wesleyan University and studied at the University of Minnesota for his master’s and doctorate degrees.

His teaching areas at Winona State are Early United States (pre-1878), African-American history, Native American history, Southern history, Civil War history, The Civil Rights Movement, and historical methods. 

His research areas primarily focus on topics of slavery, abolition, the South, and the Seminole Indian Wars. 

Dr. Campbell has numerous scholarly publications including articles in “The Journal of Interdisciplinary History, Slavery and Abolition” and “The Journal of Southern History.” He also has had scholarly essays published in the following volumes:

  • “The Slaves’ Economy: Independent Production by Slaves in the Americas,” edited by Ira Berlin and Philip D. Morgan
  • “Cultivation and Culture: Labor and the Shaping of Slave Life in the Americas,”edited by Ira Berlin and Philip D. Morgan
  • “Working Toward Freedom: Slave Society and Domestic Economy in the American South,” edited by Larry E. Hudson, Jr.
John Campbell (PhD)
Professor, Co-Director of the Law & Society Program

Minne Hall 135


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