Chemistry Lab Facilities & Equipment

WSU’s lab facilities are primarily located in the Science Laboratory Center (SLC). The Chemistry Department is well-equipped with modern instrumentation within this building. 

All our instruments are available for hands-on use by students, both as part of the lab section of their chemistry courses and for individual research projects.

Because of the WSU eWarrior Program, we also have excellent computing facilities within the department and across campus.

Selected Instrumentation

Our equipment includes:

  • Microwave Assisted Reaction System: CEM Corporation MARS-TA 
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter: 2 TA Instruments/Dupont Maodel 910 
  • Calorimeters: Solution – Parr 1455EB; Oxygen Bomb – Parr 1341; Parr 1341EB 
  • Scanning Electron Microscope: JEOL Model JSM-6100 
  • Polarimeters: Polyscience Half-Circle Model 
  • Molecular Modeling/Computational Chemistry: HyperChem Version 8.0 Professional, 20-user license 
  • Potentiostat: CH Instruments 700E with Picoamp Booster and Faraday Cage
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