Employee Wellness

Your ability to practice wellbeing is important to the WSU community. Without healthy, happy faculty and staff, the campus wouldn’t be able to serve students and support WSU’s goals.

Find more resources and support for workplace wellbeing from Human Resources. 

Support Your Mental Health

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is administered by SEGIP and provides expert, confidential and personal consultation for all state employees and their families. 

You and your family may get 6 free counseling sessions through EAP a year. In addition, EAP provides consultations to help with legal, financial, and workplace questions and concerns. 

Purchase a Fitness Center Membership

Faculty and staff who are interested in using the on-campus fitness facilities must purchase a membership.

Complete the Fitness Center Membership Application

You can also stop by the Fitness Center front desk in the IWC for assistance with completing the form.

You may also purchase a membership for your significant other. Membership applications can be printed or picked up in the Fitness Center. All significant others must sign a liability waiver located at the Fitness Center.

Improve Your Health on Your Lunch Hour

Many of us find ourselves sitting most of the day. Incorporating movement into your routine can be a much-needed afternoon pick-me-up, which is why we offer several lunch-time fitness opportunities

These indoor walking paths were created by our students from the Health, Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences Department:

Time: Wednesdays at 12-1pm
Location: IWC 127 
Instructor: Paul Stern

Join us for some time to give back to yourselves and recharge. In the Meditation and Movement session, participants will engage in mindfulness-based meditation and qi gong movement.

Mindfulness meditation is a way for you to build skills that allow you to notice what is taking place inside of yourself and in your outer environment–all in the present moment. By paying attention to life without judging what we find, we can be open to and available for ourselves, and our family and friends in a kinder, more compassionate way.

Qi gong is a system of movement practice that has existed in China for thousands of years. This holistic wellness system of exercise and movement helps to balance the body, mind and breath. Both qi gong and meditation practices will be accessible to people of all levels and abilities.

Time: Monday-Friday at 12-1pm

The third floor of the IWC is open for faculty and staff use without a membership during the hours of 12-1pm Monday through Friday. The third floor houses the walking track and select stationary fitness and strength equipment.

IWC front desk workers are trained to allow faculty and staff into the Fitness Center during this time

Time: Monday through Friday at 12-12:30pm and 12:30-1pm
Location: 3rd Floor of the IWC Fitness Center
Instructor: IWC Student Staff

Beginning Jan. 16, Noontime Fitness is an opportunity for you to work on your personal fitness with direction from a provided student trainer.

The workouts are intended to be challenging and for all fitness levels, but to be done with no special clothing requirement. This means you can join us in your work clothes and not have to worry about needing a shower post workout!

Grab a co-worker and join one of two sessions. You do not need a Fitness Center membership to join.

Time: Monday – Friday at 12pm
Location: IWC 127

Unfamiliar with Tai Chi? Want to reduce stress and anxiety while increasing flexibility and balance? Tai Chi can help you do this! It is an ancient Chinese tradition that, today, is practiced as a graceful form of exercise and stretching. 

Each posture flows into the next without pause, ensuring that your body is in constant motion. So stop by the Fitness Studio, IWC 127, across from the Fitness Center entrance, for a lesson in Tai Chi with Bryce every week day at 12pm.

Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:30-1:20pm
Location: IWC 127

Feel as if you sit too much? Want to be able to touch your toes? Can you use a quiet hour of movement? Join the Employee Yoga group on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

On Tuesdays, we use a beginner DVD so that everyone has a chance to stretch and learn some of the basics.

On Thursday it is an intermediate Yoga DVD, but even the beginners can do this—just do it at your own pace and abilities.

The DVDs run from 20- 45 minutes long. This is a really great way to try yoga out!

Intramurals & Recreation 

We have intramural offerings open to everyone in the campus community. Whether you want to swim a few laps or break a sweat, there’s an option for you. 

Student-Offered Resources 

There are several health and wellness opportunities that not only benefit you, but also our students. 

In these offerings, upper-level students will practice their knowledge while helping you achieve your fitness and health goals. 

Engage with the Community 

The only thing better than working towards your health and wellness is doing it alongside friends. Join in a community activity and have some fun while practicing a healthy lifestyle. 

Annual Wellness Challenge

Every spring, the IWC Strength & Fitness offers a Wellness Challenge that includes everything from aerobics and strength training to regular sleep and drinking water. 

Trinona “Battle for the Bluffs”

June 2024

Sign up for the Trinona “Battle for the Bluff” and experience one of the Midwest’s most celebrated destination triathlons. Choose to race as an individual or relay in the beginner-friendly Sprint course or the epic International course.

Encourage your co-workers to join your team, sign up for the Corporate Charity Challenge and we will donate your winnings to the charity of your choice. 

Cost for team participation is $205 per team, and there will be more information on WSU’s participation in the Corporate Charity Challenge the spring. 

Contact the Wellness Team

Integrated Wellness Complex
Email the IWC
Jeff Reinardy
Director of Fitness & Wellness

Integrated Wellness Center Complex 107


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