Develop Articulation Agreements

An Articulation Agreement is a formal agreement between two or more educational institutions that allows the receiving institution to accept student credits in transfer toward a specific academic program. 

Articulation Agreements allow students to transfer general education credits seamlessly from one institution to another in a pre-arranged approved sequence. They can be a great way to attract new students to your program from our two-year college partners, both in-state and out of state. 

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Articulation agreements are only active through their expiration date. Any changes to the terms of an articulation agreement (e.g. degree requirements/course content) need to be communicated immediately so they can be communicated to the participating institution. 

To establish a new or renew an existing agreement, use the approved Minnesota State form provided by Minnesota State. 

Here’s how to establish an articulation agreement: 

  1. Establish partnership relationship with the institution with whom you wish to make an agreement. 
  2. Create agreement that satisfies general education and program requirements at both sending and receiving institutions
  3. Submit paperwork to the CAO at each institution for review and approval. At Winona State, this entails turning the articulation agreement draft into academic affairs. Our office will send it to the registrar’s office and admissions office for review and approval by transfer specialists and arrange for Provost Presidential approval. 
  4. After both sides have obtained all signatures, the agreements is sent to Minnesota State system offices for approval and entered into DARS once approved. 
  5. Agreements are valid for 5 years and must be renewed at expiration.
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