Develop Non-Credit Classes

Winona State is committed to providing opportunities for life-long learning and driving economic growth in our region. Non-credit, open enrollment courses for professional development, community engagement and personal enrichment purposes help to further that mission. 

Non-credit course offerings originate from a variety of people and places. Adult & Continuing Education (ACE) designs and delivers a selection of offerings. In addition, faculty frequently partner with ACE to offer non-credit courses that feature their areas of expertise.

Sometimes, individuals or organizations from within the community work with ACE to collect registrations and offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for workshops or offerings they have designed externally. 

University Non-credit Policy & Procedure

Before you begin planning your non-credit course, be sure to go over the non-credit policies and procedures. University Policy and Procedure 3-3/3-3a outline the expectations and guidelines for WSU sponsored non-credit activity. 

We have developed processes and resources, such as the Non-Credit Course Management Process that help to guide the non-credit process from inception to evaluation.

Create a Non-Credit Class

The first step in creating a non-credit course, workshop or seminar is to set up an appointment with ACE to discuss details such as learning outcomes, timelines, budgets and unique considerations for the target audience. 

After this initial meeting, we will require the primary course manager submit a Non-Credit Term Course Form (TCF).

Upon approval of a non-credit TCF, ACE will create a registration site within the MinnState sponsored registration portal, and the offering will be listed in the non-credit course catalog. Our department will work with you to provide reporting and/or train you on how to run your own reports from the registration system. 

Throughout the time of registration, ACE staff will also provide technical support and resource referral for your participants.

To validate the learning that occurs through WSU-sponsored continuing education activities, ACE will issue Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and/or Clock Hours to participants upon successful completion of a course. 

These achievements will appear on an official non-credit transcript issued by the Registrar’s Office. They will also be detailed on a Verification Certificate that will be delivered to participants digitally after the conclusion of a course.

Fees & Revenue Sharing

The service and expertise provided by ACE is tailored to partner and customer needs. Our objective is to generate enrollment and revenue that meet or exceed goals and fuel future offerings. To do this well, departmental resources must be expended. 

Because ACE employs externally funded staff, ACE uses a fee structure to remain sustainable.

For most non-credit offerings, ACE will collect a $5 per participant fee. During the budgeting process, this fee should be factored into the cost of the course for participants. 

ACE contributions to a course offering are not always limited to the practical and technical aspects of a course. Partnerships that are more substantial would involve members of our team helping to determine needs, develop curriculum and/or coordinate instruction. In these types of partnerships, ACE will also provide additional outreach and promotional service within our regional network of professionals and businesses.

Projects that require more attention and time of ACE staff will operate on a profit-share model that will be determined by the extent to which each partner contributes to the necessary duties and responsibilities that will ensure success. 

An Operating Agreement (PDF) will detail the delegation of duties and the agreed upon profit share. 

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