Develop Summer Classes

Summer Session an important time of the academic year for both students and faculty.

Students are increasingly concerned with completing their degree in less time, and summer is the perfect time to catch up, keep up, and get ahead.

Here are essential resources, strategies, and data to assist you in planning a successful Summer Session that offers unique opportunities with measurable results: 

  • Understand best practices for online course development
  • Find customizable marketing templates for you to promote your summer offerings
  • Make note of important dates related to Summer Session
  • See campus trends in enrollment and satisfaction

Important Dates

Sept. 22, 2023TCF deadline
Oct. 30, 2023Summer registration begins
May 4, 2024May Session begins
May 24, 2024May Session ends
May 29, 20241st Summer Session begins
June 26, 20241st Summer Session ends
July 1, 20242nd Summer Session begins
July 31, 20242nd Summer Session ends
Aug. 5, 2024Summer Grades are due by 12pm

Course Planning

A successful Summer Session begins with advanced planning, starting as early as the beginning of fall semester. While your previous summer outcomes are fresh in your mind, fall is a great time to assess what went well and what could be improved for the next session. 

Reviewing data to help you plan for the next Summer Session is a great place to start. 

Planning Tools

Marketing Summer Courses

Getting students excited about your summer offerings will go a long way in generating enrollment. Remember that taking the time to talk to students about Summer Session during advising for Spring and Fall Semesters is one of your best (and simplest) promotional strategies.

In addition to creating your own word-of-mouth, ACE will provide support and opportunities for you to access.

Use our ready-to-use poster template (DOCX) to customize a poster with your course offerings. 

Ask for promotional support. If you feel you have some amazing opportunities that students would jump at if they knew of them, contact us using the information below. We can help promote your messaging and increase your exposure to current and visiting students.

Summer Session Data

ACE has been monitoring and reporting Summer Session data for years. While the initial intent was to measure general results and trends, our data gathering efforts have evolved to a sophisticated set of real-time reports that can be filtered to make our realities evident.

We collect quantitative data by reporting on credit generation and headcount from a variety of views, and we collect qualitative data from students on their priorities and satisfaction with Summer Session. We primarily collect this qualitative data through the University Assessment Day survey.

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