Develop Online Courses

Distance learning, whether through hybrid or fully online coursework, is becoming increasingly important in meeting the needs of today’s learners.

To succeed, it’s important that faculty are familiar with the tools, strategies and theories that enhance the online teaching and learning experience. Faculty should provide students the chance to learn through a variety of methods that are comparable or superior to pedagogical methods used in traditional face-to-face classrooms.


Adult & Continuing Education (ACE) and Teaching, Learning, and Technologies (TLT) provide support for faculty developing online learning courses and programs. 

Whether you need software support or marketing assistance, there are resources for you. 

Extension Funds

If your department has ideas to make courses available through alternative means of delivery but lacks the necessary resources to do so, ACE may be able to provide financial assistance through Extension Funding (PDF). 

Extension Funds are intended to broaden access to learning through innovation and collaboration. They must be formally requested, and funding will only be granted when a request meets explicit criteria. Extension funds are meant to aid the development of a project or program.

It is expected that funded projects will stand on their own over time without the need for supplemental funding. 

Online Learning Resources for Students

ACE maintains the distance learning resources for students who take distance courses through Winona State. This info hub shares a variety of resources and tips that contribute to student success, satisfaction, and retention. 

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