Frequently Asked Questions

Nursing and Organizational Leadership Program

Students who elect the Nursing and Organizational Leadership program are prepared for administrative positions in a health care setting. Frequently asked questions and information about the Nursing and Organizational Leadership program are provided below.

Nurse Manager is the position most often acquired by individuals in the NOL program. Nursing Supervisor, Nurse Administrator, Chief Nurse Executive, Quality Improvement, and Informatic positions are often sought as well. 

We now offer all courses in a hybrid (primarily online/with some face-to-face) format. The core courses are offered one semester as face-to-face classes in Rochester with ITV to Winona and the other semester in a hybrid format. The NOL program courses are hybrid, online with face-to-face meetings four (4) times a semester. They are also offered ITV to remote sites (as can be arranged). The three year plan of study is designed to offer NOL students all classes as hybrid. 

Practicum experiences can be arranged in a variety of settings. A preceptor with a minimum of a master's degree in nursing is preferred. There are times, when a preceptor with a master's degree in a related field or specialty experience in the desired role will be considered. This decision is made by the course faculty. Practicum experiences may or may not be completed in your current employment agency. Decisions are made on an individual basis and are usually based on the type of experience offered by the organization and the availability of a qualified preceptor. Sites that have been used for practicum are: Mayo Clinic, Winona Health, Mayo Clinic Health System Franciscan Healthcare - La Crosse, Gundersen Health System, Winona Public Health, Mayo Clinic Health System - Austin, and hospitals in the Twin Cities area.

A meeting is held between the practicum students and the course faculty. The various practicum sites are discussed and students are asked for their preferences. Practicum experiences are arranged by the Clinical Placement Coordinator and/or the course faculty member after discussion with the students.

Yes, for most of the courses there is a defined sequence: NURS 608 (core course and must be taken prior to all NOL program courses), NURS 651 (must be taken after the completion of NURS 606), NURS 652 and NURS 653 (can be taken concurrently or separately. No prescribed order.), NURS 654 (must be taken after NURS 652 and NURS 653), NURS 655 (concurrent or after NURS 652 and NURS 653), and NURS 657 (must be taken after NURS 655). 

Please refer to the Graduate Catalog for detailed prerequisite information.