Institutional Animal Care & Use (IACUC)

The Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC) oversees care and use of animals used in teaching and research at Winona State.

The Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW) has approved Winona State’s Animal Welfare Assurance (PDF), which sets forth the university’s responsibilities and procedures for the care and use of animals used in research and teaching.

The IACUC reviews animal use protocols, ensures compliance with university and federal policies and regulations, inspects animal housing and research facilities, and coordinates animal training and education programs (PDF).

Does My Study Need IACUC Approval?

All faculty, students, and staff engaging in research, research training (including teaching), experimentation, biological testing, and related activities (including classroom demonstrations) involving live, vertebrate animals housed in campus facilities or in/from the wild are required to submit a Protocol for Animal Research and/or Teaching Activities (PDF) prior to initiating such activities.

Senior investigators (faculty and staff members) must also complete the CITI Laboratory Animal Research training module (basic course plus the species-specific course that fits the species of research or teaching). Student investigators must complete the WSU IACUC Animal Care & Use Education Module.

Investigators may conduct research and teaching activities only with laboratory-bred rats and mice, birds, and lower vertebrates (fish, amphibians, reptiles).

Purely observational field studies, which do not involve invasive procedures, harm to animals or materially alter the behavior of the animals, do not require a protocol.

All protocols must be submitted through the IRBNet electronic submission system.


IACUC Protocols are now "Smart Forms"

The IACUC now requires use of the IRBNet “smart” protocol form to submit studies for review.

Users can complete the IACUC protocol form completely online instead of uploading the old “paper” document to IRBNet. Most of the information required for the protocol remains unchanged, but the new form should be better organized and easier to complete.

Refer to these instructions for completing and submitting the IACUC protocol form.

While the new protocol form remains largely unchanged, the new smart form should be better organized and easier to complete.