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At WSU, the class registration process is a staggered over several days so that different groups of students register at specific times, known as registration windows. 

The registration window is usually determined by the number of credits a student has completed. So, the more credits you have, the earlier in the week you get to register. 

Check the upcoming registration dates for Fall Semester, Spring Semester and Summer Sessions on the academic calendar

You can find your registration window in Student eServices under the heading “Courses and Registration” section. 

To register for classes, you have to be enrolled at WSU or register as a guest student. If you took a semester off from WSU, you will need to re-enroll.

How to Register

Most of the registration processes are done online through the “Courses and Registration” section of Student eServices

The essential steps for registering are: 

  1. Review your Degree Audit and choose courses
  2. Discuss your potential class schedule with your advisor and get your access code 
  3. Check if you have any registration holds and resolve the issues 
  4. Determine your registration window
  5. Register for courses 

Learn more about the process for meeting with advisors and registering for classes.

Registration Holds & Other Issues

Most of the time, students are able to register for classes without any issues. However, you may notice incorrect information in your account or run into a situation that prevents you form registering.

If this happens, reach out to the Warrior Hub at 507.457.2800 or right away to resolve the problem.

Registration holds are placed on student accounts for many reasons, including:

  • Academic Warning status
  • Academic Suspension status
  • Unpaid balance from a previous semester
  • Conduct issue
  • Missing immunization records

You will need to clear the hold before you can continue registering for classes.

Learn more about registration holds and how to fix them.

As an undergraduate student, you can only register for up to 19 credits each semester.

If you want to take more credits than this, fill out the Credit Overload Request Form for approval.

Keep in mind that WSU has banded tuition for 12-18 credits. You will need to pay an additional amount for any credits beyond the 18 maximum.

If you see information that is incorrect on your Degree Audit, use Degree Audit & Transfer Credit Request Form to request corrections.

The Warrior Hub team will review your Degree Audit and make the necessary changes.

When you want to transfer credits from schools outside of the Minnesota State system, it’s a good idea to use Transferology to see how those courses align with WSU’s academic programs, courses and course equivalencies.

You check course equivalencies from other Minnesota State Colleges and Universities through the course search feature in Student eServices.

However, the Warrior Hub team makes the final determination about how transfer credits are applied toward your degree requirements at WSU.

If you believe there is a mistake in the way credits have been transferred, you can submit the Degree Audit & Transfer Credit Request Form.

You are responsible for understanding the proper pre-requisite requirements for certain classes.

Typically, you have to be registered for or have completed the pre-requisite course with a passing grade before you can register for the subsequent class.

Situations that will not meet pre-requisite requirements include:

  • Courses with In-Progress (IP) grades
  • Courses with Incomplete (I) grades
  • Courses with F or NC grades
  • Courses taken for Audit (AU)
  • Students currently taking a pre-requisite course at another institution
  • Transfer students whose transcript work was not recorded in the student data system

If you think that you are blocked from registering by a pre-requisite deficiency that is incorrect, please contact the Warrior Hub.

For instance, a pre-requisite course is listed as a transfer course on your DARS report could cause this type of registration hold.

Dropping a Course

Once you’ve registered for classes, you may decide to drop a class. You can do this online through the “Courses and Registration” section of Student eServices as well.

Check the academic calendar to make sure that you are aware of the drop and withdrawal deadlines each semester.

If you drop a class after these deadlines, you may not get a tuition refund and the course withdrawal could negatively impact your GPA or completion rate.

Dropping a course can also impact your financial aid award—both before aid is disbursed and after you’ve received your aid award. It’s best to reach out to Financial Aid to discuss your situation before making any changes.

Learn more about dropping or withdrawing from a class.

Instructor Initiated Drops

Keep in mind that if you do not attend the first scheduled meeting of a class, the instructor may drop you from the class. However, instructors are not required to do so.

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