Kirkland-Haake Hall

Kirkland-Haake Hall is located on the southwestern corner of Main Campus next to Facilities Services and across the street from Kryzsko Commons.

Tour Kirkland & Haake Hall

Kirkland-Haake features fully furnished suite-style rooms that include a private bathroom, shower, and common area. These halls offer students many amenities from modern kitchens to lounges, laundry facilities, security, and more.

Kirkland-Haake is a great option for students who want privacy and a suite-style experience during their time at WSU. 

Haake Hall primarily houses first-year students, whereas Kirkland Hall houses first-year, upper-level, and transfer students.

Both buildings are co-ed, but individual rooms are single gendered per our housing policies. Gender-Inclusive Housing is available to upper-level students in Kirkland Hall.

Room Options
Kirkland-Haake has a variety of suite-style living options.
Housing & Meal Plan Rates
A student works on a laptop at a desk in a room in Kirkland-Haake Hall.
4 Bedroom Floor Plan

4 people

(Single rooms within the suite)

3 Bedrooms

3 people

(Single rooms within the suite, limited available, located in Kirkland only)

2 Bedroom Floor Plan

4 people

(Double rooms within the suite)

2 Bedrooms

2 people

(Single rooms within the suite, limited units for ADA Compliance)

Unit Features
Every room of Kirkland-Haake comes fully furnished. All rooms also have carpet or laminate-vinyl flooring and windows with blackout shades.
A room with a lofted bed that has storage below and curtain lights hanging along the wall in Kirkland-Haake Hall.


A student prepares a meal in a kitchen in Kirkland-Haake Hall.

Each floor of Kirkland-Haake has a kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, stove, microwave, and sink.

There’s also an eating area on each floor with multiple tables and chairs for all building residents to use.

Student hang out and play ping-pong in a lounge in Kirkland-Haake Hall.

Each floor of Kirkland-Haake also has a comfy lounge.

Students can use the various tables, chairs, couches, and TVs with streaming capabilities for work or play.

Some lounges even have foosball tables.

Resident Assistants (RAs) host floor and building events in these lounges too.

A student opens a washing machine in the laundry room in Kirkland-Haake Hall.

There are laundry rooms on the second and fourth floors of each building.

Each laundry room has 4 washers and 4 dryers.

There is an app you can download to track machine usage.

24/7 Security
Only students living in Kirkland-Haake can use their IDs to enter either building.

Students from other residence halls or off-campus guests must have a Kirkland-Haake resident escort them to and from the buildings when visiting.

An intercom and key card scanner are installed outside a door for a residence hall.
Front Desk
At the front desk, students can rent kitchen equipment, board games, movies, basic tools, jumper cables, and more for free.

Another essential near the front desk is a printer for students to print homework assignments, study notes, or lecture notes from class.

This is just one of the many printers across campus, so there’s no need to bring your own.

Two student workers sit at the front desk in Kirkland-Haake Hall.
Mail & Packages
Mailboxes for all students living in Kirkland-Haake are located in the lobby of Kirkland Hall.

Students can pick up packages that don’t fit inside their mailbox at the front desk.

Front desk workers will email Kirkland-Haake residents when their packages arrive. 

A student opens their private mailbox in the mail area of Kirkland-Haake Hall.
Conference Room
On the first floor of Haake Hall is a large conference room.

This conference room is perfect for events and meetings. 

Students chat during a meeting in the Kirkland-Haake Hall conference room.

Contact Kirkland-Haake

Kirkland Hall

223 W Mark Street
Winona, MN 55987


Haake Hall

263 W Mark Street
Winona, MN 55987


Housing & Residence Life Office
Housing & Residence Life Office
Kryzsko Commons 230


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