Funding Your Education

Graduate Assistantships

Winona State offers graduate students the opportunity to earn a bi-weekly income and tuition reimbursement as graduate assistants. Assistants serve in a support role at the university while completing their post-graduate education.

Learn more about graduate assistantships that are available. 

Financial Aid

As a graduate student at Winona State, you have access to financial aid to help bridge the gap between your resources and the cost of completing your education.

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Scholarships can be a great way to pay for your education. As a graduate student, you have access to thousands of dollars in scholarships that are awarded by the WSU Foundation each year.

You can also look for scholarships from outside sources like professional organizations, civic groups, corporations and companies.

Explore the scholarship opportunities available to you.


Employer Reimbursement Options

Many local employers offer tuition waivers and reimbursement programs for their employees. Check with the Human Resources department at your workplace to see if this form of funding is available for you.

Cost of Attendance

Learn more about the cost to attend Winona State University as a graduate student.