Registration Appeal

Sometimes, your education can get derailed by events that you couldn’t have predicted and are beyond your control. This could be a medical condition, family tragedy or other severe circumstances. 

In these cases, you can request a partial appeal for a few classes or a full registration appeal for an entire semester of classes. You will need to provide documents to show when the event occurred and how it impacted your ability to complete courses that semester. 

If you would like to make an appeal, you can do so up until one year from the end-date of the relevant term. In cases of documented administrative error, there is no specific time limit. You cannot bring a registration appeal for the following reasons or situations:

  • Forgetting to drop or withdraw from classes by deadline dates
  • Not knowing the drop or withdraw deadlines
  • Situations due to violation of WSU Student Conduct Code
  • Situations brought on by the student’s deliberate or possible criminal actions
  • Academic difficulty or ease of a course
  • You have already been granted an appeal for the same documented reason (medical or other)

If you have any questions about the registration appeal process, call the Warrior Hub at 507.457.2800. 

Registration Appeal Process

Submit the Registration Appeal Form and all required documentation attached to the online application.

The committee meets on a rolling basis as appeals are received. You may be contacted by the Warrior Hub representative to provide more information as needed. 

Outcomes of a Registration Appeal

These are the possible outcomes of a registration appeal:

  • The courses are retroactively recorded with a (W) withdrawal indicator
  • The courses are removed from your transcript for the term in question
  • The courses are removed from your transcript for the term in question and a tuition refund is issued
  • Your appeal is denied, and the courses will remain “as is” on your transcript

The Registration Appeal Panel’s decision is final.

Tuition Refunds are Rare

Most registration appeals will not give you a refund for tuition. 

A tuition refund is granted only for extreme cases such as sexual assault, domestic assault, dismemberment, or accidental incapacitation. 

In these situations, the student will have the courses removed from their transcript record and receive a tuition refund for the term in question.

Referral to the Warrior Success Center

When you submit a registration appeal, your student record is often referred to the Warrior Success Center for further support.

The Warrior Success team may contact you to help you access campus resources so you can be successful in future courses.

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