Management Information Systems Program

The Management Information Systems (MIS) major is for students who want to specialize in business information analysis and processing data to help organizations make smart decisions. 

Information systems power the decision-making process of an organization, making it an important part of an effective management system. Employees who know how to use the tools, techniques, and concepts of computer and management science are just as important. 

The MIS major teaches students how to do just that. Through this program, students will take general business courses such as accounting, finance, marketing, economics, statistics, and project management, in addition to coursework focused on programming, databases, networking, information systems, information technology, and ecommerce to learn how these disciplines support modern businesses.

The MIS major is unique from other majors in the College of Business, as it is recognized as a STEM disciple (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). It is a combination of organizational functioning, computing, and communication. 

Degree Planning Resources

Future Career

The Management Information Systems major can prepare you for many positions across organizations, such as: 

  • Communication Specialist
  • Computer Programmer
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Networking Specialist
  • Software Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Technology Instructor
  • Computer Analyst
  • Database Specialist
  • Internet Specialist
  • Project Leader
  • Systems Development Manager
  • System Specialist
  • Technology Representative

You can expand your employment options by selecting employment-related courses and by enrolling in a second major or minor.

Optional Professional Training for International Students

Majors recognized as a STEM discipline provide a critical opportunity for international students’ professional careers and development. 

Upon graduation with a business degree in MIS, international students can apply for an additional 24 months of Optional Professional Training (OPT), in addition to 12 months of Pre-Completion OPT. 

International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) administers the OPT application process for all those international students majoring in STEM-related majors, including the MIS Major. 

Talk to ISSS to learn more about employment opportunities both while a student and after graduation.

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