Keep Learning

Temporary Remote Learning

WSU is here to help you keep learning during this evolving health situation.  We are well prepared to support our transition online together as a community of learners.

Here are some key tips and resources for making a successful shift to online learning.

During this time, it’s important to give yourself and your instructors some grace. We’re all in this together and we will do great.

Key Things to Know

As we prepare to transition to an online learning environment, we are all focused on three key priorities.

Know Yourself

Your health and safety take top priority. Be sure to monitor your physical health and take the proper health precautions including handwashing and cleaning your devices.

During this stressful time, also consider your emotional well-being.  We know that transitioning to a new learning environment is a big adjustment.

Communicate with your instructor if you experience any issues or limitations during this time.

Know Your Classes

Organize your schedule. Dedicate time for each of your classes and be prepared to attend live lecture sessions via Zoom as required by your instructor.

Check your D2L Brightspace course and email daily for updated course syllabi, course schedules, and details on assignments, testing, and other expectations.

Expect ongoing changes and be patient with your instructor and yourself as you all adjust to the new environment.

Know Your Tools

To successfully transition to an online learning environment, make sure you have the technology you need to access your courses and a stable internet connection

Become familiar with the tools your instructor will be using. Specifically, you should know how to access D2L Brightspace, the WSU learning management system.

You’ll also want to know how to access and participate in Zoom meetings. Some courses will have specific technology that is specified by your instructors. They will let you know what you need.

If you are not part of the eWarrior Digital Life and Learning Program, you will want to have dedicated access to a laptop or desktop computer. Your phone will work for checking email and D2L Brightspace.

You can also use your phone to attend Zoom meetings. However, it shouldn’t be your main device to access your courses.

Broadband Internet Access for Students

For students who do not have broadband internet access at home, several regional service providers have created opportunities for college students to get free internet including installation.

Please contact your preferred local service provider for information and assistance.

Charter will offer free Spectrum broadband and Wi-Fi access for 60 days to households with K-12 and/or college students who do not already have a Spectrum broadband subscription and at any service level up to 100 Mbps. To enroll call 1.844.488.8395. Installation fees will be waived for new student households.

Comcast Internet Essentials is creating options for more wireless and data access for subscribers and nonsubscribers, including free wifi hotspots nationwide for all and unlimited data for their subscribers.

Minnesota Employment and Economic Development Office of Broadband Development has additional information and resources on reduced rates for Broadband Services.