The Krueger Library is located on the southeast edge of Main Campus between Minné Hall and the Integrated Wellness Complex (IWC).

The library features a variety of study lounges, resource centers, and a cafe.

Explore the Krueger Library
Front Desk
The front desk is the all-in-one center for information, circulation, and reserves.

Students can use their Warrior ID card to check out books, laptop chargers, or whiteboard markers and erasers.

Students can also look at class materials their professors put on hold.

A student worker sits at the Circulation & Reserves desk in the Krueger Library on the WSU campus.

Research & Reference Desk
Students can work with librarians to navigate WSU’s databases, find scholarly sources, and properly cite their findings for class papers.

Each major and minor has a librarian who’s familiar with specialized topics in that area.

Students can make a one-on-one appointment with a librarian or stop by this desk.

A student wearing a backpack walks past bookshelves in the WSU Library.

Digital Learning Commons
The Digital Learning Commons (DLC) is an extension of Tech Support.

The DLC offers troubleshooting services for any tech issues and color printing in a convenient location.

Two student workers help another student with a technical issue in the DLC.

Study Spaces

The library provides a study spaces throughout 3 floors, with plenty of tables, chairs, and desks to choose from.

Students should also be mindful of the preferred volume of voice for each level of the library.

Floor 1: Normal Volume

On the first floor, students can use a normal conversational tone.

This is a great level for those who want to collaborate with others for group work or talk through assignments.

Floor 2: Whisper

On the second floor, students can use a light whisper.

This is a great level for those who want to be in a quieter space but still have the freedom to talk without being too distracting to others.

Floor 3: Silence

On the third floor, students can be completely silent.

This is a great level for those who want to complete their work without any distractions.

Private Study Rooms
Students can reserve private study rooms in the library for a block of time.

Most of these private study rooms have a whiteboard and monitor screen to display and work on assignments.

Book a Study Room
A group of students work together on a project in a study room in the WSU Library.

Einstein Coffee & Bagels
Students can order a variety of drinks, bagels, and other snacks for study session fuel at this first-floor café.

This café accepts Dining Dollars—our on-campus currency—as well as regular cash, debit, or credit.

Einstein Coffee & Bagels
A student orders a drink at the cafe located in the Krueger Library on the WSU campus.

Tutoring Services
Students have access to free academic assistance on the second floor of the library.

Tutoring Services offers one-on-one, drop-in, and group tutoring options for many classes taught at WSU. 

Our peer tutors can help students with homework questions and explore study tips.

Tutoring Services
A peer tutor writes on a whiteboard to explain a concept to a WSU student.