Science Laboratory Center, Pasteur Hall & Stark Hall

These 3 interconnected buildings have classrooms, science labs, lecture halls, and study lounges on each floor.

The Science Laboratory Center (SLC), Pasteur Hall, and Stark Hall are located in the northwest corner of Main Campus between Watkins Hall and Maxwell Hall.


The Atrium is a spacious area on the first floor where students can study and hang out between classes. It’s also a frequent spot for campus events and festivals, such as the Frozen River Film Festival. 

The large star-shaped bench in the center features symbols chosen by academic departments to represent their area of study as well as constellations that you can view in the region.

The Atrium floor includes a topographical map of the Mississippi River, and there’s a large wall with stone paneling to represent similar materials found in the local environment. 

Lecture Halls

Each with seating for 200 people, these lecture halls are used for classes, workshops, guest speakers, and movie screenings. 

Science Labs

WSU has invested in state-of-the-art scientific equipment and facilities for students to use during class instruction and individual research projects.

The hallways are proudly lined with capstone posters that students presented at the Research & Creative Achievement Day and other research fairs.

Fossil Prep Lab
Students can gain hands-on experience with fossils or conduct paleontology-related research projects in this first-floor lab.
Fossils are laid out on a table during an event at WSU.
Nursing Simulation Lab
The simulation lab on the third floor allows nursing students to practice care for a wide range of patient types in a safe and controlled environment.

Students get to work with sophisticated and life-like manikins, including newborn, infant, child, adult, and a birthing female.

Nursing students practice their skills in the simulation lab on WSU campus.
Animal Care Facility & Greenhouse
Students can work with animals for supervised research projects and volunteer as caretakers for lizards, fish, beetles, and more.

Our greenhouse and herbarium complex provides growing spaces for biology research and programs. 

Besides the luscious greens, the greenhouse is home to 2 painted turtles.

A student holds a snake in the animal care facility at WSU.
Engineering Labs & Workshops
Students design, analyze, manufacture, and test composite materials projects with industry-specific equipment, from 3D printers to injection molds to ultrasonic welding and more.
A male student at WSU examines a piece of lab equipment.

Veteran’s Center

Winona State is a Yellow Ribbon Campus. This means we support our Veteran students.

The Veteran’s Center is located on the first floor of Stark Hall. It’s a place for Warriors to relax in between classes or work on assignments.