Watkins Hall

Watkins Hall features 2 art galleries and several creator studios and state-of-the-art labs.

Watkins Hall is located in the northwest corner of Main Campus between Gildemeister Hall and the Science Laboratory Center (SLC), Pasteur Hall, and Stark Hall.

Academic Departments

Art & Design
The Art & Design Department trains students to be versatile creators, thinkers, and educators through programs focused on the visual arts.
Art & Design Department
Students laugh during class in the art studio on the WSU campus.
Computer Science
The Computer Science Department offers programs for students to build critical thinking and communication skills alongside technical programming knowledge.
Computer Science Department
A student inspects a computer in a classroom.

Art Galleries

The Art & Design Department coordinates exhibits for our 2 on-campus art galleries. Students enjoy free admission, and community members are welcome to visit for a small entry fee. 

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Labs & Studios

Students in Art & Design programs have access to 24-hour graphic art labs and creator studios to make art whenever inspiration strikes. 

The Design Computer Lab provides many computer stations for students to use.

The Design Computer Lab is equipped with Apple desktops paired with Wacom tablets, allowing students to use design, motion, digital imaging, web, sound, video, and animation software.

Students work on the tablet computers in the Design Production Lab on the WSU campus.

The Design Production Lab is equipped with print presses, 3D printers, cutters and engravers, and textile production tools to bring all their creations to life.

The Photography Studio provides computers and printers for students to use.

The Photography Studio features professional photography equipment, including SLR cameras, studio lighting, large format printers, and even a dark room.

Students observe a painting hung on an easel in the Painting Studio.

The Painting and Drawing studios offer workstations, equipment, and materials for students.

A student removes a finished ceramic bowl from a kiln.

The Sculpture and Ceramics studios have creative spaces for students to craft as well as gas and raku kilns to fire their final works.

Software Testing & Development Lab
For Computer Science students, the Software Testing & Development Lab provides testing, development, and other computer and networking services to local and regional businesses like IBM.
A piece of equipment in the Software Testing & Development Lab on the WSU campus.