Somsen Hall

Somsen Hall is located in the northeast corner of Main Campus between Phelps Hall and Memorial Hall.

Somsen Hall features a variety of classrooms, offices and resource centers, an auditorium, and a café.

College of Business Engagement Center
The College of Business Engagement Center is a study space on the first floor.

Business students use this space to interact with local businesses, complete business simulations, listen to speakers, and give presentations.

Students work together in the Engagement Center in Somsen Hall.

In the back of the engagement center is the Strauss Center for Sales Excellence.

This area features professional sales rooms equipped with video cameras where students can practice for an upcoming interview or complete a sales simulation.

The Winona National Bank Financial Markets Lab is also located near the engagement center, and this lab features a running stock market ticker and conference room setup.

Somsen Café
This first-floor café serves Caribou Coffee as well as freshly made sandwiches, salads, and sushi.
Students study and get snacks in the Somsen Cafe.
University Administrators
Several WSU administrative offices are located throughout Somsen Hall, including the president’s office.
University Administrators
Two WSU staff have a conversation at a campus event.

Tech Support
Tech Support is located on the second floor, and staff are ready to help troubleshoot any technology issues.

This is also where students can go to pick up their fully configured PC or Mac laptop through the eWarrior Laptop Program.

Tech Support
A student worker helps another student in the Technical Support Center in Somsen Hall.

Every academic building at Winona State has at least one printer on each floor, but most buildings have multiple printers to accommodate all our students.

Harriet Johnson Auditorium
The Harriet Johnson Auditorium is a lecture hall on the second floor that seats about 800 people.

The auditorium has a large stage and screen at the front for faculty to broadcast their presentations.

This venue also hosts campus events like hypnotist shows, music performances, and guest speaker talks.

A small ensemble performs for a crowd in the Johnson Auditorium in Somsen Hall.