Academic Resources

Graduation is the goal, and these academic resources will help you stay on track while making the most of your experience at WSU.

Pursue Your Degree Program

Once you have your access code from your academic advisor, you’ll register for classes in Student eServices.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to select your classes, make the most of your time with your advisor, and plan a schedule that is best for you.

If you’re a PSEO student, you have a specific registration process for your classes.

Students who struggle in a class have options to consider. Start by taking advantage of Tutoring Services to help improve your grades.

If your situation does not improve, you could:

  • drop a class
  • withdraw from a class
  • change the grade method

It is important to understand the differences between these options, the deadlines for each, and their consequences—including how your financial aid might be affected.

Before making a decision, you should connect with your academic advisor or an advisor in the Warrior Success Center to make sure this choice is right for you.

If you have any questions, stop by the Warrior Hub or call 507.457.5682 to discuss your personal situation before you fully withdraw from WSU.

Keep track of your academic progress toward your degree with your Degree Audit in eServices. This report tool shows which courses you have left to meet requirements for graduation.

You can also check on your grades in Student eServices.

Or try calculating your GPA and completion rate mid-semester.

Want to change your major or minor? No worries—just use the online declaration/change of major form.

You will receive an email notification when the change has been processed, and your Degree Audit in Student eServices will change to reflect your new program(s).

Graduate Students

You may find these forms useful as you complete your graduate degree program:

Plan for Final Exams

Because the semester extends through the final exam week, classes are expected to meet as designated in the final exam schedule.

Courses of more than two credits will have final exam times determined by the day the class first meets for lecture each week.

Some classes may begin at times other than the regularly scheduled start times. Final exams for these classes will be held at the exam time for the class period in which the start time of the class falls.

Fall & Spring Semester Finals Schedule

Final exams are Monday-Thursday of Final Exam Week each semester with the following schedule.

No final exams will be scheduled at 10:30am-12:30pm on Thursday.

Regular Class ScheduleFinal Exam DayFinal Exam Time
8:8:50am MWFMonday8-10am
12:30-1:50pm THMonday10:30am-12:30pm
1-1:50pm MWFMonday1-3pm
3-3:50pm MWFMonday3:30-5:30pm
9-9:50am MWFTuesday8-10am
12-12:50pm MWFTuesday10:30am-12:30pm
2-3:20pm THTuesday1-3pm
3:30-4:50pm THTuesday3:30-5:30pm
10-10:50am MWFWednesday8-10am
2-2:50pm MWFWednesday10:30am-12:30pm
9:30-10:50am THWednesday1-3pm
8-9:20am THWednesday3:30-5:30pm
11-11:50am MWFThursday8-10am
11-12:20pm THThursday1-3pm
4-4:50pm MWFThursday3:30-5:30pm
Evening Classes

Classes that meet at 5pm or later are considered evening courses.

Final exams for evening courses should occur on the last scheduled course date before Final Exam Week.

1 or 2 Credit Classes

If a class is offered for one or two credits, the final exam will be given during the last regularly scheduled class period before Final Exam Week.

It is up to the instructor and the student to work out any arrangements to take the exam at another time.

Summer Sessions

Final exams for summer courses are held during the last scheduled class meeting.

Expand Your Academic Experiences

A female student explains a research project to a group of people.

Conduct Research

Research can be part of every academic field, and you can work alongside faculty advisors to explore topics ranging from arts, education, humanities, and the health, natural, physical, and social sciences.

Learn more about how you can get involved in research, find grant funding, and present your research projects.

While studying abroad in China, a female student poses in front of a historical building.

Study Abroad

See the world and earn credits toward your degree.

Short-term faculty-led travel programs and semester study abroad options let you expand your college experience beyond the WSU campus. 

Learn more about study abroad programs and find resources for your upcoming travel.

Students walk across the Winona campus in the winter.

Build Your Co-Curricular Transcript

Just like your academic transcript tracks the courses you’ve taken, your co-curricular transcript is an official record of the extra steps you’ve taken to build your skills.

You can send your co-curricular transcript along with your application materials to employers, graduate schools, scholarship committees, and more.