Housing Policies & FAQs

The WSU Housing policies and procedures are there to make sure that every student feels safe and respected both inside and outside of the classroom:

View the 2023-2024 Housing & Residence Life Student Guide (PDF). 

Have questions about living in the WSU residence halls or the housing application process? 

Review the FAQs below. If you have additional questions, contact the Housing Office at housing@winona.edu or call 507.457.5305.

The short answer is no. The priority room selection process gives current students the option to take care of their housing plans for next year if they are ready.

As a current WSU student, you have until March 1 to apply and select a room before we start the room selection process for new first year students.

Once first year students have selected their rooms, the options for current students become limited. We do encourage you to secure your housing plans as soon as you are ready.

You can choose to go through the room selection process if you want.

If you are hired as an RA for next year and signed up for a room, we will reassign you to your RA room (as designated by your Area Coordinator or Hall Director) and refund the $250 pre-payment.

You have until May 1 to cancel your housing for next year and get your $200 pre-payment refunded.

There is a $50 non-refundable application processing fee.

If you cancel after May 1, you forfeit the $200 pre-payment.

With over 1,000 rooms, our residence halls offer students a wide range of room types and sizes.

To view room dimensions and photos, take a closer look at the residence halls.

However, we do not have the specifications for each closet or window in each individual room.

Every room includes the following furniture for each student:

  • an extra-long twin bed and mattress
  • a desk and desk chair
  • dresser or closet
  • a bookshelf

There is a trash and recycling bin in each room and all windows have coverings (either a shade, blinds, or curtains). All rooms have carpet.

Learn more about specific bed and loft dimensions.

If you decide you would like to be on a different meal plan during the summer, email housing@winona.edu to request a change.

You have until Sept. 15 to lower your meal plan. You can increase your meal plan at any time. Make these changes through your Housing Portal.

See the details about meal plan options at WSU.

If you are a first-year student new to WSU, you will receive your Warrior ID card when you check into your residence hall.

Off-campus and transfer students can contact the Campus Card Office to pick up your Warrior ID card.

Roommate information will be available to view online in your Housing Portal.

While changes and cancellations may occur, we try to give you the most accurate roommate information available at the time.

In some cases, your roommate could change after you are initially notified. If this occurs, the change will be shown in your Housing Portal, and you will have the opportunity to contact your new roommate.

Resident Assistants (RAs) plan many activities within the residence halls, but there are also many opportunities available to students through campus clubs and organizations.

There are activities on campus free and open to all students nearly every night of the week. You can see all upcoming campus events on the WSU Events Calendar.

Loft & Bed Dimensions

Many students choose to rent a loft to maximize the space in their room. 

For safety and liability reasons, all lofts must be rented through WSU. All rooms are furnished with beds that can be adjusted to a height of 3 feet without a loft extension kit. 

Loft rental fees are $50 per semester. All loft charges will be applied to your student account within the first few weeks of each semester.

Proper Use of Lofts

In your housing agreement, you agree to the following “proper use” regulations when renting a loft:

  • Safety bar use is required for all lofts/bunk beds.
  • All rented items will be assembled in accordance with the Bed Lofting Instructions (PDF) provided.
  • Do not attempt to assemble or dissemble your loft alone. This will greatly reduce the risk of personal injury or damage to the loft/bed.
  • Students will make no alterations or additions to bunk bed/loft and all extra parts must be stored in the student’s room. (All university furniture must stay in their specific hall room.)
  • The student is responsible for disassembling and returning the loft before checking out of their room. Charges will be issued to your student account if not returned.
  • If the loft is damaged beyond ordinary wear and tear due to student’s own negligence, misuse or for any other reason, student will pay to repair such damage.
  • The use of the loft/bunk bed will be at the sole risk of the student. The student hereby releases Winona State University from all liability resulting from any use of the loft/bunk bed.

Bed Dimensions

These bed dimensions will help you when purchasing a futon or couch for under a loft.

HallLowest HeightHighest (no loft extension)Highest (with loft extension)Length outside frameLength inside frameWidth
East Lake, Kirkland-Haake, Morey-Shepard, Richards, Sheehan, and Sustainability House2"3'6'7'2"6'8"3'2"
Conway, Prentiss-Lucas2"3'6'6'11"6'4"3'2"

Visitor Policy

Guests are welcome to visit your room at your invitation with the permission of your roommate(s). The rights of your roommate(s) and others in the hall always supersede those of the visitor. 

Residents are personally and financially responsible for the actions and behaviors of your visitors. You must inform them of the policies and procedures of the residence halls. Visitors may be asked to leave if they exhibit inappropriate behavior. 

You may have no more than 3 visitors at a time and visitors may not stay longer than 3 consecutive nights within a 7-day period in any WSU housing facility. 

Visitors must always be escorted by their host.

Inviting a Minor Guest

Overnight visitors under the age of 18 are permitted in the residential buildings. However, there are additional steps that must be completed. 

All minors must have a signed Minor on Campus Waiver (PDF) completed by a parent or legal guardian, which gives permission to stay in the building overnight. 

One form must be completed for each minor requesting to stay overnight per visit. 

All minors who have photo ID are required to carry it. IDs must have a photo and can include: 

  • middle/high school IDs
  • State ID Cards
  • Drivers’ Licenses
  • Passports

Minors without an ID will need to complete an overnight guest pass at the hall front desk when they register as a guest. They must always carry this pass with them while in the residence halls. 

Minor visitors must be accompanied by their host at all times.

Room Change Requests

There are many reason students may want to change room assignments such as: 

  • wanting a different residence hall or room type
  • moving in with a friend 
  • a roommate conflict

No matter the situation, the room change process can take some time depending on how many requests are received and what spaces are available.

Housing & Dining Agreements

The Housing and Dining Agreements cover a wide range of policies and expectations for students including payments, room assignments, meal plans and more. 

This agreement applies to all WSU residence halls, including East Lake Apartments.

You may break your housing agreement at any time. However, your housing agreement is for the entire academic year and certain penalties may apply depending on when you move out. 

Please contact the Housing Office at housing@winona.edu or call 507.457.5305 if you are considering terminating your housing agreement. 

Cancellation Policies

If you are deciding to cancel your Housing & Dining contract, please review the cancellation policy. 

This policy applies to all WSU residence halls, including East Lake Apartments. 

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