Parents & Families

Your child is starting college, but you never stop being a parent. At WSU, we want to work with you to help your student reach their goals.

Family & Supporter Portal

As your student transitions into greater and greater independence, your role as a parent certainly changes but doesn’t diminish.

Parents are an important influence as they support their student’s success, stay connected, and encourage them to take advantage of the many resources Winona State University has to offer.

Attend a Choose WSU Day

Once your student is admitted, come to campus for a Choose WSU Admitted Student Day where you can get more info what the Warrior Life is all about.

Your student can sign up for this event through their My Warrior Life Portal.

Paying for College

Attending college presents many financial decisions for both you and your student.

We have resources and tools to help you make sense of your options and make informed choices while your student attends WSU.

It’s a good idea to talk to your student often about how their education is being funded and how they are managing money while attending WSU.

Financial aid counselors are available to help students and families understand the financial process and payment options. Feel free to call the Warrior Hub at 507.457.5090 or email if you have any questions.

Money Management
Smart money management is crucial for success both during college and in your student’s future career.

Both you and your student are welcome to explore free personal finance tools.

Find Money Management Tools
Two WSU students chat while studying in the Business Engagement Center.
Purple Pass
Purple Pass is a program that allows you to load money onto your student’s Warrior ID card, so they can use it like a debit card at a variety of places on campus. Students can use Purple Pass to purchase food, event tickets, and so much more.
WSU offers a variety of campus housing options in Winona from traditional residence halls to suite-style living and apartments. There is no campus housing located in Rochester.
Apply for Housing

It’s best to apply for housing as soon as possible to have more choices for room assignments.

The room selection and roommate request processes are completed in your student’s Housing Portal.

Move-In Day

Students typically move into their residence halls in late August prior to the start of Fall semester.

More details will be announced in your student’s Housing Portal as Move-In Day decisions are finalized.

Campus Parking
Students need a parking permit to park in Winona campus lots—except when Summer Parking rules are in effect. Parking at WSU-Rochester is monitored and maintained by RCTC.
The exterior of the WSU-Rochester Broadway location in Rochester, MN.
Help Your Student Be Successful
The best thing you can do is guide your student to set goals, access campus resources, and solve their own problems.

WSU counselor Mick Lynch offers advice to help your student find their way at WSU.

Be a Coach, Not a Manager

The most effective learning involves doing, so resist the urge to contact a professor, talk to the RA, or otherwise intervene when your student is facing a challenge. This sort of “management” of your student’s issues won’t help them develop skills they’ll need to navigate daily life in and beyond their college years.  

Instead, try to take on the role of a “coach”—someone who helps the student consider various options and likely outcomes.

Encourage your student to try new things and get help as needed to ensure that they graduate successfully and enjoy their experience at WSU. Ultimately, they should take action to overcome any challenges.

If you have serious concerns for your student’s safety or mental health, you should of course reach out to campus resources right away.

Celebrate Achievements
Take Care of Yourself
It can be tough to send your child off to college.

You’re proud of their achievements but perhaps sad to see them all grown up and worried about whether they’ll be okay at college.

You can connect with other parents of WSU students on the WSU Family Facebook Page.

There are also resources to help you navigate the transition to being the parent of a college student.

WSU Family Facebook Page